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Want to be a Great Leader?

Read on to learn more about our Leadership Coaching

The bedrock of great leadership is a combination of self-awareness and understanding those around us.  This is also key to personal development and producing high performing teams.  The coaching will focus on some or all of the following key areas required for personal and leadership development depending on the budget and number of sessions available. 


Your coach is highly skilled at coaching conversations using this information to help leaders to become more aware about themselves and assist with driving personal development. 

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Our 5 Leadership Coaching Focus Areas

Our leadership focus areas



Values are the qualities that are the most important to us.  These values sum up who we are as individuals.  Examples include trust, integrity, growth, service, loyalty.  When our environment (home, work or social) is in alignment with our values we have the best opportunity to thrive and grow as individuals.



Our strengths are our superpowers.  Everyone has a unique combination of strengths that set us apart from others and have allowed us to progress in our lives and careers.  Knowing and using our strengths well plays a fundamental part in peak performance. Example strengths are self-assurance, strategising, adaptability, responsibility. 



There are many different personality models.  The most relatable is the Insights model which is based on the Jungian personality types. There are four Insights personality types each represented by a colour: Fiery Red – Results driven, Sunshine Yellow - Interaction, Earth Green - Harmony, Cool Blue – Problem Solving


Leadership Style

Great leaders have the ability to adapt their leadership styles to suit their situation. However, most people will have a default leadership style that they will gravitate to particularly when under pressure whether time or stress. Knowing our default style along with its attributes and potential is an important quality for every leader. 



In her ground-breaking book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, Carol Dweck put forward the concept that our mindset is the secret to our developmental success.  A "fixed mindset" can hold us back, and a "growth mindset" can help us to reach our goals.  A growth mindset is particularly important in times of change and growth.

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