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Over the years I have received many wonderful testimonials from happy clients.  These not only mean a huge amount to me but help future clients have the confidence that they will get excellent service. Feel free to read through this short selection

Portrait of Businessman

“I have been seeing Steve for around 6 months now. I have had a number of coaches over the past 2 years and Steve is above and beyond anything I have had in the past. His gentle yet successful approach to discovering more about yourself and your passions has helped me massively. For the first time in my life I feel like I am gaining control of my life and this is thanks to Steve. I would highly recommend him to anybody wanting this type of service.” Oliver, Sales Director, Automotive

Dry Reeds

‘I knew from my first meeting with Steve that my time spent with him was going to be a great investment. Thanks to Steve I’ve learned a lot about myself and my aims in life going forward. I’ve also come out of what has been a dark period feeling a sense of balance and perspective that had been lacking for many years. I was at a particularly vulnerable time of my career having started a job in an environment that was very challenging and not the ‘right fit’ for me. Steve gave me exercises to complete and patiently guided me through my thought processes - I came to realise that a job incongruent with my values just isn’t worth the mental exhaustion. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone at a crossroads in life. You will come out stronger and wiser. Thank you Steve" Sarah, HR Director, Investment Banking

Woman with Grey Scarf

”Steve has been a fantastic coach and has helped me to recognise and leverage my strengths. This has improved my self confidence and feelings of imposter syndrome in the work place. Steve provides a safe space to be vulnerable, to get to the heart of my struggles and in turn provides practical advice I can trial and practice. I can’t recommend him enough.” Sophia, Marketing Manager

Headshot of Mid Adult Man

"Steve Maher is a fantastic Coach. Since becoming a Senior Manager over 12 months ago, I've been working with Steve on some of my goals I wanted to achieve.
I can honestly say Steve has really helped me with my confidence in my own abilities and self awareness and he's unlocked that through his fantastic coaching techniques. Highly recommended" - Taz, Senior Manager, Finance

Headshot of Mid Adult Man

“This is one of the most positive experiences of personal growth I’ve had in my professional life. Steve helped me to navigate what I thought was a complex career conundrum that turned out to be wider and helped me to look a bit more in to my own motivations and strengths.  I’d definitely recommend Steve to anyone, who, like me was feeling a little lost and in need of some guidance.” - David, Director, Hospitality


“Steve is outstanding to work with.  I reach out to Steve when we have people struggling with anxiety and it is affecting their performance and potential.  He has run both group and 1-2-1 sessions for us. In either format he is able to form an immediate connection with everyone he has seen and really help his clients overcome their issues.  He is so knowledgeable and helpful.  I cannot recommend Steve highly enough.” Matt, Leader, Education Sector

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