Steve Maher Coaching - Psychotherapy & Anxiety Coaching - Guildford, UK

About Me

Steve Maher Coaching - Psychotherapy & Anxiety Coaching - Guildford, UK

Hi, I’m Steve.  
I am a professional coach and psychotherapist with over 20 years experience helping people overcome anxiety and work through periods of change in their life.  I can help you in a number of areas of your life including but not limited to: 


  • Career Change I Executive coaching I Confidence I Mid Life Crisis I Imposter syndrome


  • Anxiety I Phobias I Addiction I Depression I Sleep issues

I am highly qualified having studied at some of the world's leading institutes including:

  • University of Toronto

  • University of Newcastle

  • Henley Business School, University of Reading

  • The Human Givens College

In addition to my private practice I am a coach and consultant with:


  • FICO - Change and transformation consulting

  • Help To Grow - UK government's executive management programme

  • The OCM - Highly respected leader in executive coaching and mentoring

  • BetterUp - Global leader in professional coaching

  • The Educational Hub - Preferred coaching provider


I am a member of a number of prestigious industry bodies including:

Feel free to contact me directly and I can explain how I can help with these or any other issue.

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