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Managing Anxiety

Anxiety is the fasting growing mental health issue in the UK today.
Read on to learn how to overcome it

Want to take back control?
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When the emotional seas are rough, it's time to Drop Anchor.

Learn how with this simple audio exercise

Dropping Anchor

Break free from anxiety

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Therapy session

Do you struggle to say no to people?

Do you find yourself in situations you don't want to be?

Could you be a People Pleaser?

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Watch these videos to learn how to overcome anxiety

Part 1 - An Introduction

Part 2 - Physical Symptoms

Part 3 - Troublesome Thoughts

Part 4 - Perceived Threat

Part 5 - Negative Thoughts

Part 6 - The Emotion

Part 7 - Comfortable vs Uncomfortable

Part 8 - Pay Attention!

Part 9 - Anxious Thoughts & Feelings

Part 10 - The 3 Steps

Part 11 - Understand it

Part 12 - Accept it

Part 13 - Manage it

Part 14 - Overcome it

Spotlight on Anxiety
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